Cross-border shipping to Switzerland

You would also like to sell your products to customers from Switzerland? With Columbus you can easily send goods to the Swiss Confederation – despite all the peculiarities.

Shipping to Switzerland

More customers, more turnover

No complicated billing, no customs problems, but fast shipping and transparent prices: With Columbus cross-border shipping, you only pay for what you actually send. And your customers receive the ordered goods within 48 hours.

Expand internationally

with Columbus.

From Germany or Austria to Switzerland: operating your own warehouse abroad is rarely worthwhile. But anyone who ships across borders has to deal with customs duties and taxes. Added to this are long shipping times and high postage costs. All this keeps many companies from offering their goods internationally. Thanks to Columbus, you can tap into the Swiss market – without much effort.

We take care of shipping, customs clearance and VAT accounting. You take care of the sale.

Shipping to Switzerland

A correct import or VAT declaration has been mandatory since 1 July 2019 at the latest. Inadequately or incorrectly declared consignments will be rejected and can lead to problems with the tax authorities. A correct VAT declaration is therefore already required from the first turnover in euros or francs.

Consignments with traditional parcel services are also subject to VAT.

With traditional parcel services, end customers may receive a subsequent invoice for customs duty and VAT – turning their shopping experience into a nasty surprise.

Cross-border shipping with Columbus

  • ERP interface
    Your ERP system docks onto Columbus.
  • Determine the range
    You determine the product range and prices. Together with Columbus, you determine customs tariff numbers.
  • Adapt your web shop
    You adapt your webshop so that customers abroad can also order (currency, VAT). This is no problem with most modern systems – or you can use the powerful Webshop from Columbus.
  • Order Process
    Your customers order the goods via your webshop. The supplier sends the goods to the Columbus address in the same country.
  • Shipping
    Columbus accepts the shipment, declares it to customs via collective customs clearance and provides each individual end customer package with the shipping label of the desired EU deliverer.
  • Delivery
    Columbus brings the goods across the border and ships them the same day with the desired Swiss delivery service.
  • Fiscal Representation
    Columbus helps with all questions concerning fiscal representation and VAT accounting.

The Columbus Advantages

More turnover thanks to new markets

You tap into a completely new market – and without much effort.

Full cost transparency

We charge per package, without fixed costs or fees. So you only pay for what is actually ordered.

Seamless ordering experience

No subsequent customs charges, no extra effort: Your customers won’t even notice that the parcel is coming from abroad.

48-hour delivery

Lean processes and maximum efficiency: in just two working days from the time of ordering, your customers will receive the desired goods on their doorstep.


As we all know, time is money – and because your shipments don’t lose time at customs, you gain customer-friendliness.

Maximum comfort

Because Columbus makes international shipping a domestic shipment, you can conveniently bill as usual – without additional charges.

All from one source

VAT, customs and fiscal representation: Columbus is your contact for all matters. And you can lean back.

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