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  • No investment costs, just contribution per package

  • Fast 24-hour processing

  • High customer satisfaction thanks to duty paid delivery with Swiss Post

Shipping to Switzerland or operating their own warehouse in the Swiss Confederation is a costly and nerve-racking affair for the vast majority of retailers in Europe. As a result, many dealers refrain from doing so for the time being.

The vendors are afraid of high customs and postage costs, the complicated handling, VAT invoicing or the long shipping time.

Conversely, the people of Switzerland love to shop abroad because the range of products is much larger and the prices are usually lower.

If a retailer delivers to Switzerland, the necessary customs clearance is often forgotten, with the result that the end customer receives a subsequent invoice and the shopping experience becomes a unpleasant surprise.

Columbus makes shipping to Switzerland easier than ever before. At the same time, all customs and additional taxes are declared correctly, so that neither the end customer nor the retailer need to worry about negative surprises.

At the latest since January 1, 2019 in Switzerland and July 1, 2021 in the EU, no trader can avoid making a correct import declaration. Swiss customs authorities are checking insufficiently or incorrectly declared shipments with increasing frequency. A correct VAT accounting is already mandatory from the first Swiss franc of turnover.

Product description

With Columbus Switzerland Fulfillment, a merchant from the EU can easily serve Swiss customers and thereby increase sales in a simple way.

The retailer can serve the Swiss end customer on his website like other customers (either in EUR in the existing online store, or in CHF in a separate Switzerland store) and offer a worry-free shipping in Switzerland.

After the customer order, the retailer can send the package to Columbus’ Germany address, exactly the same as a normal customer order within the EU. Columbus then brings the goods across the border on behalf of the retailer, does the customs clearance and delivers the products to the end customers in Switzerland.

With this service, the retailer can correctly account for VAT and benefit from the low Swiss rate (7.7% normal rate, 2.5% reduced rate). This means that he can export without additional tax in the sender country and issue a correct invoice including VAT to the end customer in the delivery country.

Columbus also takes care of the VAT accounting in Switzerland and takes the role of the fiscal representative.


  • More revenue with Swiss customers
  • No investment costs, just contribution per package
  • Fast 24-hour processing
  • High customer satisfaction thanks to duty paid delivery with Swiss Post

In detail

  • The ERP system of the dealer will be connected to Columbus.
  • The retailer defines the product range to be sold.
  • The retailer adapts his online store in a way that Swiss customers can order. Whether the store is already running in CHF or still EUR, or the VAT of Switzerland or of the country of origin is calculated, is not so crucial at the beginning.
  • The retailer sends all Swiss parcels collectively to the German address of Columbus (and at the same time transmits the orders electronically).
  • Columbus clears these shipments through customs and brings them to the Swiss post office within 24 hours, so that delivery to the end customer takes place through the most popular parcel service by far (UPS, DPD or DHL are also possible, however).
  • If the merchant sells from his e.g. German store in Euro, the article will be posted with the price including VAT (of e.g. 19%), but can then be delivered to the Swiss customer minus 19% and plus 7.7%. This increases the profit margin of the merchant.
  • Thanks to the correct customs clearance, the customer is not charged any subsequent handling fees. The end customer does not even notice that the package comes from abroad.
  • The retailer benefits from a correct approach to customs as well as VAT. This allows him to increase customer satisfaction and clearly differentiate himself from the competition in terms of customer experience.
  • Columbus takes over the tax representation of the merchant in Switzerland (fiscal representation) and handles all necessary administrative procedures.
  • Columbus works with a simple pricing model. The merchant only pays a contribution per package; Columbus does not charge any one-time or monthly fixed costs!

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«Thanks to Columbus Crossborder Fulfillment, we deliver to Switzerland worry-free. Customer complaints about additional customs or VAT payments have disappeared.» 

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Managing Director Vendeco GmbH

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