Cross-border purchasing.
made easy

Prices abroad would be much cheaper, but importing goods from the EU is only worthwhile for large quantities. The complicated processing and high costs keep you from importing?

Columbus Crossborder Purchasing is the solution: Import small quantities cheaply and quickly – at very manageable costs – by integrating your suppliers into your purchasing system via Columbus.

Crossboarder Purchasing

Small quantities
Even single orders or small deliveries are worthwhile

Deep transaction costs.
Transportation and customs clearance costs are hardly significant

Transparent purchase prices.
The purchase prices are converted into CHF exactly to the day

You are selling. Columbus ships. Reliable.

For successful e-commerce logistics, you either need expensive investments – or the right partner. Save the time and resources for your own logistics – trust a strong partner. Like Columbus.

So you can fully focus on marketing and sales. More flexibility, long pick-up times and fast, efficient processing make your customers happy – and therefore you too.


These are your advantages

Swiss retailers often buy too expensive. Many are also aware of this, especially when looking to their European neighbors. But high costs, customs duties and administrative burdens make importing from abroad impossible.

With Columbus Crossborder Purchasing, you integrate suppliers in foreign countries close to the border quite simply into your purchasing system – as if they were Swiss suppliers. This allows you to reorder small quantities on a daily or weekly basis without incurring high costs.

Crossboarder Purchasing Advantages

How it works

Columbus integrates the product and price list of your EU supplier into the backend software.

You order as needed, as if it were a domestic supplier. Columbus receives a copy of the order.

The order will be delivered to Columbus’ EU location.

Columbus takes care of import and delivery in Switzerland.

The advantages at a glance

Extra services

Your on-site warehouse: We take over your warehouse and inventory on Swiss ground – and you benefit from short shipping distances, maximum efficiency and transparent costs. Learn more

Seamless customer experience: In combination with on-site warehousing, we can supply your customers directly from the point of purchase. You buy, we take care of the logistical rest.

Do you operate branches? With Columbus, you increase delivery speed and reduce inventory value. Thanks to daily delivery, customers can pick up online orders the same day.

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